Bonsai Scarification, Stratification, and Germination: Planting Bonsai from seed

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It’s been well over a decade since I worked for a small  nursery and helped grow and care for plants.  The care for trees, and specifically Bonsai is an ancient Chinese tradition, mastered by the Japanese, and extremely popular the world over.  One process that may need a bit of covering is one called the […]


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Cyberstalking is illegal, well, it’s illegal on paper, but the laws on the books are too vague and the concepts too limited for most judges to understand.  Lori Drew is actually an example of a related concept or rather a subset of cyberstalking called cyber-bullying.  You see Lori Drew convinced a suicidal, former friend and […]

Chapter and verse, the struggle to help a friend or relative through a technology crisis

If you are technically gifted with modern software or computers and have relatives, odds are high that you’ve fielded a few tech support calls.  I am blessed with several very technical relatives, but unfortunately that means that when some calls come out for support, the problems are doozies.

Opening day

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This is my first post.  I’ve deleted the hello world post, because I despise that particular post, even if this filler post is barely better.  Welcome, if you’re reading this, there’s little to see.