Simple tips in running Jetty on Linux

This is mainly just a short article to get me back in the habit of posting regularly. Recently, I’ve been working a bit with fine tuning Jetty, a light weight and configurable AppServer from Codehaus sponsored by Eclipse. Jetty gets production support from MortBay Consulting, who handle the heavy lifting for Codehaus. MortBay is also […]

Basic Security, Where are you going, where have you been?

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“Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” is a fairly famous story by Joyce Carol Oates. In it, Oates’ character Connie ends up being convinced to walk outside and go off with Arnold Friend and his companion. The story was inspired by the three murders committed by Charles Schmid, Schmid’s inspiration for the murder […]


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Cyberstalking is illegal, well, it’s illegal on paper, but the laws on the books are too vague and the concepts too limited for most judges to understand.  Lori Drew is actually an example of a related concept or rather a subset of cyberstalking called cyber-bullying.  You see Lori Drew convinced a suicidal, former friend and […]